A Common Fault In Infrared Remote Control And Its Solution

- Apr 28, 2017-

Infrared remote control by infrared receiving and transmitting circuit, signal conditioning circuit, the central controller 8031. The program and data memory, keyboard and status indication circuit. Here are some common failures and solutions of infrared remote controls.

A common fault in infrared remote control and its solution

All buttons on the remote control don't work.

Analysis and maintenance: most of the reason that the remote control doesn't work is because of the damage caused by the vibration. If you've ever dropped or have a radio check, you can simply replace a new one. After the replacement of new crystals, or cannot be ruled out fault, should be first to measure the voltage across the crystals, when press any key on both ends of the crystals will have obvious voltage change, this suggests that the generator can produce pulse signal. The second is to check whether there is a remote control signal output end of manifold blocks are relatively weak voltage change, such as have change, should check whether there is driving triode and infrared transmitting tube is damaged, or of integrated blocks most of the poor.

Individual buttons don't work.

Analysis and maintenance: this phenomenon shows that the remote control is normal, the reason that the individual key is not working is that the key circuit contact is not effective. Mostly in the remote control circuit board contact with dirt, increased contact resistance, or can't get through, usable cotton dips in anhydrous alcohol to clean carbon film contact, but can't be too hard, to prevent carbon film layer wear or fall off. Aging or abrasion of conductive rubber also causes individual bonds to fail. Just put the tin foil in a cigarette case at the contact point of the conductive rubber (preferably the aluminum foil). Above method still can't make the remote control back to normal work, check the integration block corresponding keying signal input and output to contact if there is a crack line or poor contact, especially carbon film contact with electric line connection, can replace the integrated block a try when necessary.

Remote remote control distance is shorter.

Analysis and maintenance: first, it is necessary to judge whether the remote receiving circuit is working properly and can be compared with the remote control machine of the same brand. Such as remote control receiver is normal, should check the remote control mainly two aspects: one is the integrated piece of power input terminal 3 v voltage is normal, usually the battery voltage is insufficient, is the most common reason, remote control capacity reduction of the emission driving triode in the second is to check the remote control and infrared transmitting tube are in good condition, can replace the test.

Press any key to perform a certain function.

Analysis and maintenance: usually because of a leakage or short circuit between the contact points or the conductor of a certain function on the circuit board. Wash circuit boards and conductive adhesive for a try. If the fault cannot be ruled out, check the key control input of the integrated block to perform some kind of function, and whether the output terminal leads have short circuit or leakage.

Button for individual processing is relatively simple, mostly poor contact, can open the remote shell, its ineffective buttons conductive rubber printing plate part of the contact and corresponding wash clean with alcohol cotton ball, if still is ineffective, air-dried replaceable conductive rubber or aluminum foil glued in conductive contact with the cigarette up instead. If the problem is the conductive film abrasion on the contact area of the printed plate, it can be used for the damage. Bare copper wire around 4 mm along the lead wire, welding are connected to the conductive film in the end of the solder joints do replace, and then see a circumstance use 502 quick-drying glue to stick thin copper wire to the original conductive membranes. In the case of a broken hand, it is commonly used to shock the inner wafer to be shattered, simply by changing the same frequency.

These are the common failures of infrared remote controls and their solutions. The infrared remote control is caused by the flood of water and the effect of the short-circuit loss of the key is taken apart, the use of alcohol to clean the circuit board and the conductive rubber.


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