Philips Updates The Pronto Universal Remote: A Companion App, Bluetooth Translator

- Jun 08, 2017-

Touch screen devices of universal remote control is becoming more and more popular, is gradually replace contains various entities button remote control, as smart phones become more and more popular, we already have a touch screen equipment become very reasonable. The company made a change last year, launching the Ultimate Hub app, and philips's Pronto Peel universal remote control will be updated in January.

The Pronto and Peel Smart app can turn the iPhone into a universal remote and change the way customers enjoy entertainment. Pronto allows users to control entertainment devices, televisions, set-top boxes, DVDS and bluetooth players. Like the Harmony Ultimate Hub, Pronto converts the iPhone's bluetooth signals into infrared signals to control the device.


Pronto will need to support a low-energy bluetooth iPhone to work, which is the device after the iPhone 4s. The Pronto costs $50.

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