‘The Old King Next Door’ Is Cool?

- May 11, 2017-

Lao zhang is a electronic enthusiasts, usually like to buy all kinds of things are said to be "new technology", these two years on the market introduced many intelligent air conditioning, just can use mobile phone remote control, he would have wanted to try, but the wife does not agree, home 13 years the air conditioner is a good buy, always can't throw it away again spend thousands of dollars to buy a new air conditioning. Lao zhang for this thing and the wife at odds for several days, but the persistence wife again, after all, financial power in the hands of his wife, had to forget about it, but my heart stirs that small fire can't go out.

Day, Lao zhang is online information, and inadvertently saw an AD push "family air-condition intelligent artifact", Lao zhang hurriedly PM on see, is a company of zhengzhou to launch a "cloud" remote control, which can be changed the traditional air conditioning intelligent, and not to change the original configuration, air conditioning ninety-nine percent of household air conditioner, can match the market price but hundreds of yuan, the wife there or through fiscal budget, than buy a new smart air conditioning can be much more cost-effective. The old zhang can't help to suck the tongue, the 14 years have been launched, I how now only see, hurriedly place the order, pay, wait for the seller to deliver, the express little elder brother sends the door.


After 3 days, express delivery, Lao zhang hurriedly installation, configuration, registered, not only can remote control, and condition monitoring, analysis of energy consumption, the function of timing management. And the mobile operating interface is simple and generous, and the old man has to show off his smart air-conditioner remote from anyone he meets.


One day, Lao zhang and a few friends had dinner together, and at the table, Lao zhang took out his cell phone show off in an ostentatious manner's own air-conditioner, "go home on your way home and cool off". But today's air conditioning don't look right, open the phone to see air conditioning is open, Lao zhang thought he was going to go out forget closed, hurriedly give off, open it after a while, air conditioning opened again and a wife dying, said didn't go home at night. "Murphy home into the thief, this must be enormous. Lao zhang hurriedly excuse off, then go out to make a car heading home, panting ran upstairs and have a look at the original wife at home?" the wife also a face of surprise at Lao zhang "aren't you didn't go home at night? "Lao zhang explained," I look at the air-conditioner all the time. I think the family is getting a thief. "The wife also laughed:" I say the home air conditioning is turned off in a short while, I think is broken, today the parents have something to go out, I come back in advance. As you say, the air-conditioner can prevent thieves. Luckily I was at home, and if the old king of the next door came over, I couldn't tell you what I could say. So why, but my parents they always said that air conditioner is not too will use, in winter when the air-conditioning cooling mode, the blow the cold, let's give them with a cloud also remote control, let's help them when they don't use operations. "The wife smile" calculate you still have filial piety, the evening give you to make red roast meat to eat. 


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