Wireless remote control watch for the analysis

- Apr 28, 2017-

The wireless remote control technology is the idea of a transmitter that encodes a controlled electrical signal and then converts it into a radio wave. Here's a look at the wireless remote control tips.

Wireless remote control watch for the analysis

Before using, you should remove the transparent plastic insulation from the battery compartment.


Effective distance: up to 10 meters (no barrier). If you encounter an inability to focus, the remote control can't have the result.

The best Angle for remote control is the lens front + right 30 degrees, the same as the original remote control, otherwise no guarantee.

The remote control camera, which controls the camera's automatic focus, controls the camera's remote-controlled window.

The machine itself should be tuned to the remote control mode (when using B gate, it will be transferred to the B gate and will be received in the infrared).

Above is the wireless remote control note introduction, you can understand. The wireless remote control is wide and powerful.

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