Universal taxi remote control set

- Sep 21, 2016-

A, and first put TV open, then first press remote control of set key not put again by Xia power key again while release this two key then remote control of indicates Lantern always then again put remote control on with TV about about of by remote control of ' volume +' key while see TV of screen whether has volume of character appeared Dang screen Shang appeared character Hou again by about set key last try try remote control whether can with as cannot with again by set and power Dang led always Shi in by about "volume-" key in by set in try try on can has.

Second, the automatic search method:
1. set the appliance is powered and point the remote control home appliances. (No more than 30 degrees left/right angle)
2. set the object if it is TV, TV 1 key on the first click of the remote control if the station selector, you press the selected key. And so on
3. press set button down on the remote, then press the Ch+ key, and two keys at the same time to let go. (On the remote control lights continue to Flash, says it is searching for the set of machine code)
4. when the set of home appliances (such as television) power not to be closed, please feel free to click on any button on the remote control (must be completed within 1.5 seconds), indicates that the locking code.
5. press the power button on the remote control, if operations indicate that the setting is complete. If it does not operate repeat steps 1, 2, 3, 4.

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