The principle of wireless remote control

- May 02, 2017-

"Wireless remote control" As the name suggests, is a device for remote control of the device. Modern remote control, mainly by the integrated circuit board and used to generate different messages composed of buttons. Today, wireless remote control has been in life has been more and more applications, to bring people a great convenience. With the progress of science and technology wireless remote control is also extended to many types, common is commonly used in home appliances infrared remote control mode and burglar alarm equipment used in the radio remote control mode.

There are two kinds of wireless remote control, one is commonly used in home appliances infrared remote control mode (IR Remote Control), the other is anti-theft alarm equipment, doors and windows remote control, car remote control and other commonly used radio remote control mode (RF Remote Control). The principle of wireless remote control is the transmitter to control the electrical signal first encoded, and then modulation, infrared modulation or wireless FM, AM, converted into a wireless signal sent out. The receiver receives the radio wave containing the information to receive, amplify and decode the original control electric signal, and then amplifies the electric signal to drive the relevant electrical component to realize the wireless remote control.


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