Single fire cloud switch smart lighting no longer ‘awkward’

- Aug 02, 2017-

The birth of the switch, has played an important role in the traditional household life, from its emergence, is our just need product. But now as the home to live in comfort, control of randomness, simplicity of use and decoration of the requirement of increasing the beautiful sex, ordinary switch already far cannot satisfy the social needs.

Said the other day, there are quite a few friends for home switch is replaced with the intelligent switch, open the old panel when it was in the home of 86 boxes, only a single wire, in fact, many of the domestic construction based on the time of the switch, is a wire cloth. And throughout the intelligent switch on the market now, almost all of the intelligent switch is "zero" fire, so if you want to install smart switch will need to increase the zero line, hit a wall pull wire, building, time-consuming and laborious, it could be very embarrassing for consumers.

The emergence of single fire cloud switch, solved the problem of adding zero this headache, just need to switch in the home of the wire and the lamp switch control line access cloud, which can instantly make lighting (switch) intelligent.

Single fire cloud switch is a new product of spring spring energy conservation. There is one, two and four to choose from, and directly replace the original switch. Her support manual touch control and remote control (through smart phones, computers and other intelligent terminal), the lighting (switch) state and energy consumption situation of real-time feedback to the phone, let you can control the lighting in the home anytime and anywhere.

But the light does not make life experience by using a mobile phone control from ordinary to the leap of wisdom, a powerful single fire cloud switch is that she can cooperate with other intelligent devices, remote control like a cloud, cloud, cloud electric warming socket implementation such as linkage control, you can according to your own needs, set up different scenarios mode, make the lights change, let the home appliance to open at any time, any let you home to infinite wisdom.

At night, opening night scene, the bedroom light starts to light up, and the lights from the bedroom to the bathroom are automatically switched on. When you leave home, not one by one check upstairs downstairs lights, air conditioning, water dispenser forget close, only need one click "home" scenario, you can shut off all the lights at your home, electrical appliances, security system started in the emergency state, easy to save time and avoid the standby power consumption.

Single fire cloud switch makes your home zero damage, effectively saves cost and time, solves the industry "embarrassment", and pours new blood into the market.

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