Passenger door remote control what is installed

- Apr 25, 2017-

Garage door openers there are three basic types:

Chain drive

The belt drive

Screw driver

Passenger door remote control how to install

After you install garage door openers, familiar with assembly parts. To install the garage door openers, the first tube inserted into the power plant. A passenger on the tube, and then into the pipe pieces of the idler wheel. The manufacturer's instructions to specify the location of the passengers.

Link chain passengers, sets it in through the drive sprocket and idler wheel, and then return to the other side of the passenger.

Chain is connected to the passengers, then loop through the power supply unit on the drive sprocket, around through the idler device, and returns to the other passengers. According to the specifications of the manufacturer, the passenger must be positioning, and chain must be pulled correctly.

In accordance with the manufacturer's manual garage door head install idler wheel of the support.

Find the center of the garage door head support, and install at this point, at a specified distance above the door. Idler device connected to the bracket and sit on the floor of the power supply unit. Improve power plant high enough to remove the door when it is open, put it on a ladder or other props.

Door to rise to the fully open position, and adjust the height of the power unit with the plate or other gaskets, so it is a specified distance at the top of the door.

Exposed ceiling joist between 2 x4s nail installation of the power plant.

Power unit is installed in the ceiling of the Angle and fixed belt provided. If the ceiling joist parallel, nails 2 x4s 2 between joists, power unit and tighten it. Otherwise, is a direct beam.

If after the garage ceiling, a 1 x6 fixed in three ceiling joist, install the power unit.

If the condole top end (usually use gypsum wallboard), a 1 x6 fixed plasterboard and tension screw to the ceiling joist.

In opening the connection

Once the power supply unit installation, manual open and close the garage door, to ensure the freedom to travel. Top side pipe shall be removed the distance of the designated by the manufacturer. Be careful not to encounter passengers, when you put forward by the door.

Connecting rod component is connected to the door of passengers. It will include link bar, L - link and a bracket.

Will passengers connecting rod component (connecting rod component by straight rod link, a l-shaped link and door bracket). Snap opened the door of the power cord disconnected from the game.

Garage door on the door in the center of the bracket, as specified in the installation instructions.

The door frame fixed on the door, so the center of it. Bracket at the center of the connecting rod installation (L) should be specified distance from the top of the door manufacturers.

Must be strengthened and the Angle of light garage door, in order to avoid damage to the door, and allow the normal work of the safety reverse system.

In light steel structure or fiber glass door, installation Angle and the Angle of the fixed bracket door. Delete the original door lock.

Install button control on the garage wall a convenient location, from the floor, and easy to see the door. Run button wire up walls and the ceiling power unit, joint screw fastening it with wire. Be careful, don't through a wire staple food. Connect the wire to the power supply unit.

Cement and adjust the magic eye chart system safety and correct operation is vital. In accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please refer to the telephone number or other information of a website, you are the owner of the manual.

If necessary, the power supply socket is installed on the ceiling close to the power supply unit and power operation. With the circuit before work, please be sure to shut off the power switch box, and all the security procedures in accordance with the relevant electrical engineering.

Must be properly earthed power socket. If you don't know how to install the power supply socket, please contact a licensed electrician.

How to install passenger door remote control

Before the installation of preparation - make sure your garage door is a good lubrication and normal operation. Support the weight of the garage door, door springs, cable and pulley, rather than in the opening. If you can't improve, reduce hand, usually of opening not to install until the door is repair.

Do not modify or delete the door springs, cable, or a pulley. Above the door swing door (only one coil) should be made by qualified technical service personnel to provide services.

Delete all rope or wire connection during the installation process, so you don't struggle with their garage door.

Disable or remove any existing garage door lock, so they will not be in contact with and damage the opener, or cause personal injury.

During the installation or maintenance garage door opener, do not wear rings, watches or loose clothing.

Strengthen the light fiber glass or metal garage door, and then install a good start, in order to prevent damage to the door of the reverse system will ensure safety running.

Installed in - power plant is high enough, the tall man does not from the floor to at least 7 if possible.

Garage door openers are manually disconnect the power cord, it should be adjusted to about 6 'from the ground, so any adult can reach.

If you need to install a permanent electric circuit, please be sure to disconnect the power supply line, and then try again in the main circuit breaker. The garage door openers, please be sure to connect the power cord to properly earthed socket, in order to avoid electric shock.

Install button control of 5 'from the floor so small children can't reach it in one place, anyone operating, it can easily see the garage door.

Please be sure to adjust the correct safety reverse system and electric system. You the details of the first game of the manufacturer's instructions, please refer to.

After installation - please do not let children or play opening operation. Keep the position of the radio transmitter, can't give children.

Don't move through the next garage door.

Door operation, only when it is visible, without any obstacles.

Check monthly safety reverse system and electric eye, and readjust if necessary. Regular inspection door manual operation.

If possible, please use the manual disconnect, only when the door is fully closed. Opening will not carry the weight of the door, if spring fracture, weak or disconnect may be led to the decrease of the door.

Please be sure to disconnect the power service unit or working near opening chain drive or other removable parts.

If you see any part of the damage of the opener, don't use it, until it has been by a qualified service technician for repair. If the security system does not work, do not operate the door.

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