Is the phone a smart home?

- May 25, 2017-

Smart home in recent years has become a recognized trillion-dollar markets, including giants, entrepreneurs and venture capital institutions are piling layout, we see all kinds of new intelligent products constantly, even when the home electrical equipment on the owner's mobile phone, and master even miles away can the remote control to manage them.

But is smartphone smart control the real smart home? Do you already make the market buy it? Some products just added a mobile phone remote control App, will himself into the ranks of intelligent products, the end result is not only intelligent, but affect the user experience.


  True intelligence is the intelligence of the scene


The essence of intelligent household, must make the user feel more convenient, more comfortable. If you're just implementing a single product, it's just a functional upgrade. Globally, smart products that cater to the needs of the scene are truly welcome. Scene intelligence, simple point said is chain control of smart home control system, the air conditioning, lights, curtains, music and other electrical equipment, linkage control, one key operation.

Waking scene

When the first sunshine of the morning is sprinkled on the balcony, the main bedroom curtain opens slowly, the soft background music rings, reminding the owner of the time to get up. When the master gets up and washes the food, the scented bread is ready.


Scenes from home

Go to work, on the phone with the click of a scene from home or cloud scene panel "home" button on the wall, each family the area light, in turn, closed, closed TV, air conditioning closed, don't need to standby power equipment, security system, can be at ease to go out, smart home system is in working condition.


Home scene

On my way home from work at night, and can through mobile phones remote login the APP, start the "home" scenario: the system automatically open family lighting, air conditioning indoor temperature adjustment to the most comfortable, soothing music flowing and wash away your exhaustion of a day, the kitchen of the rice cooker has been boiled out of the delicious rice.

  According to market demand, the spring waters energy-saving cloud series intelligent household products, including cloud, cloud thermostat, cloud cloud remote control switch, socket, cloud scene panel and other products, into Beijing east union, into "the jingdong micro couplet" intelligent household ecosystem, intelligent family achieve systematic landing operation. Through the intelligent interconnection of "user + cloud + terminal", it can realize the intelligent energy saving and management of the unit air conditioning, central air conditioning, lighting and other electrical appliances. Users can through the phone APP for all sorts of electric equipment of remote control of home, any combination of various living habits, personal customization, set up home, home, energy saving, receive a visitor, movie theaters, party, sleep scenarios such as intelligence, easily create integration the wisdom of life experience of the family.

  Spring spring energy saving intelligent family, fully takes into account the user demand, the intelligent scene construction. Open up a new intelligent lifestyle and let you enjoy your life.

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