Introduction to the wireless remote control principle

- Apr 21, 2017-

Wireless remote control transmitter is the principle to control the electrical signals encoded first, and then modulation, infrared modulation or wireless frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, converted into a wireless signal is sent out. Receiving radio waves carrying information receiving, amplification, decoding, and get the original control signal, the signal to power amplifier used to drive the relevant electrical components, wireless remote control.

Close the line of wireless remote control, the use of infrared remote control transmitting and receiving devices, general transmitting terminal coding, launch, the receiver to receive after decoding, such as TV, air conditioning, such as remote control, it belongs to this category. Long-distance wireless remote control, generally USES is FM or am transmitting and receiving technology, some similar radio or cell phone transmitting and receiving technology, but at different frequency.

The above is the wireless remote control principle is introduced, everyone can look at. Along with the development of the industrial wireless remote control technology, the loader, shunting locomotive, hydraulic machinery, and moving vehicle port loading and unloading ship machine and other equipment, industrial wireless remote control has been widely used, market prospect is extremely broad.


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