How to set the universal remote control?

- May 18, 2017-

Commonly used universal remote control such as the us, crown, briefly introduce universal remote for everybody below usage, usually, universal remote control set has the following two ways:


Universal remote control method 1

Don't need to control the code table on the specification, and according to the first approach is to "light" bright, after a press "volume", the article until the volume indicator is shown on the TV to stop, and then click the "Settings" button, let "lights out", at this time you can try another key does play a role, if can't use mostly or keys function disorder, as described earlier and then press the "volume +" key, until it is the most suitable. (note: can only search effect according to the volume switch, the other key cannot be used to search) set up the remote control methods for reference only, concrete can be operated according to the directions.

Universal remote control method 2

Press the "button" button, then press the "power" button and then release it all, and the "light" on the upper left should be lit up. "> (now on the market some universal remote only press a key to enter Settings and found in the specification corresponding to the television brand of several groups of three code, press the number keys on the remote controller input one of the group, after losing three code, the" light "of the upper left out. Now try to see whether all keys corresponding to play a role, if any key is not corresponding to the individual, is to enter the next set of code, until all the function corresponding to.

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