Have any significance? The special bluetooth stereo remote control test

- Jun 14, 2017-

Bluetooth speakers are popular among consumers, especially young people, because of their ease of listening and as a fashion product. But there are so many bluetooth speakers in the market that the competition is fierce. In order to win the competition, manufacturers are trying to make products that are differentiated and distinctive. The author thinks that there are two directions for the bluetooth sound system, which is closely combined with the functions of smart mobile devices, such as NFC. The second is to further enhance the user experience in the use of humanization, so that the user can really feel the product's good and practical.

Use of humanness, YiTeMing guest recently launched a against its thor fully functional bluetooth stereo bluetooth stereo, king kong 3 full remote control, the remote control, should be aimed at improving consumer experience. In induction Angle 60 °, maximum up to 5 m within the scope of control of both products. There are different voices in the industry for bluetooth audio and remote control. There is also the idea that a bluetooth stereo with a remote control is the same as other devices with remote controls. In this article, we'll talk about bluetooth audio and remote control.

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