Settings for the TV remote control

- Sep 21, 2016-

1, press the remote control which has "SET" set key for about 2 seconds of time, while waiting for the Red led to show long status release the "SET" button, the remote control is in standby state.

2, and in remote control in standby state of when, we on can in 10 seconds within select to learning of key, then will note has, we select to learning of key only select TV district within of "TV", and "volume of +-" "menu", 13 a key Oh, select good learning key yihou, remote control of Red led on will began flashing tips, remote control on into received learning of State.

3, we need to be learning the television remote control in another front of the remote control, press and hold the TV remote "TV" signal emitted by this key for about 3 seconds learning, learning once the signal is received, remote control, the red LED flashes quickly for three long and bright, then repeat steps 2, 3.

4, press 2nd, 3 steps, then other 12 buttons. Any key when you are finished, press the "SET" key to exit the learning.

5, after the success of learning, the learning remote control at the TV press the "TV" button, can normal remote control TV red light flashes indicate. Our set is complete, it is very simple.

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