Digital TV remote set of methods and procedures

- Sep 21, 2016-

Digital TV set top box remote control has a learning function set of function keys. The key to it is to realize remote control TV. Here are digital TV remote remote control TV with "power" switch setting method:
1. set-top box remote control in one hand, TV remote in one hand, two remote control infrared emission.
2. long press set-top box remote "settings" button for 10 seconds, let it light up, indicating that lights up in a long State. Will be followed by aligning learning on a set-top box and TV remote control red receiver.
3. press TV on the remote control "power" button, then see the set-top box remote control indicator light blinks, this indicates that the set-top box receives the remote control on the TV remote control "power" command data, and then click the set-top box remote control TV functions "power" button, the flashing lights stop flashing on the set-top box remote. Then click on the set-top box remote "settings" button, the flashing light goes out on a set-top box remote. Here we turn off TV power button on the set-top box remote control Setup, you immediately set-top box remote TV features "power" switch, watch TV if you turned off!

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