Digital Set Top Box Remote Control Service Guide

- Sep 13, 2018-

Digital Set Top Box Remote Control Service Guide

1. Take it lightly and do not drop the remote control. Many users use the remote control to fall and fall as they please, and sometimes even fall to the ground. It is recommended that the user still handle it gently, especially to prevent the children from hitting the remote control and throwing the litter to prevent the remote control. Sacrifice on TV.

 2, the remote control is generally used battery, the user should actively replace the TV when there is no electricity, please take out the battery in time when the remote control is not used for a long time, wait until the time of use, to avoid the battery leakage corrosion circuit of the remote control The board causes the remote control to linger.

3. The exterior of the remote control is designed with insulating plastics, etc., firstly to protect the user's safety, and secondly to increase the service life of the remote control. Avoid using water or other liquids to invade the remote control during use, resulting in leakage or remote control. The condition of the device being corroded.

   4. The remote control is held in the user's hand for a long time, so the remote control should be cleaned frequently for the sake of the user's health. In addition, the cleaning is not to wash the remote control in water. Instead, use a soft cloth or cotton yarn to wipe off the dust. If there is serious dirt, spray a neutral detergent on the cloth to remove it. Do not use solvents or chemicals. Drugs are wiped to cause unnecessary damage.

   5, if you have the conditions, you can choose to add a plastic bag or "outerwear" to the remote control to protect the health of the remote control. The launch window of the remote control and the receiving window on the appliance should be kept clean to avoid affecting normal use.

6, do not use or place the appliance remote control in a humid, high temperature environment, because it is easy to damage the internal components of the home appliance remote control, or accelerate the aging of the internal components of the home appliance remote control, it will also cause the deformation of the casing.

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