Classification of advantages and disadvantages of the three major categories of remote control

- Sep 08, 2018-

Classification of advantages and disadvantages of the three major categories of remote control

 The first category: infrared remote control

    Advantages: The main principle of this remote control is to control the device through infrared light such as non-visible light. The infrared light is then turned into a digital signal that the control device can recognize, and such a remote control can be remotely controlled at a greater distance.

    Disadvantages: However, due to the limitation of the infrared itself, the infrared remote controller cannot remotely pass through obstacles or remotely control the device at a large angle, and the anti-interference ability is not good.

The second category: 2.4GHz wireless remote control

    Advantages: With the increasing popularity of wireless remote control in the remote control, the 2.4G remote control signal transmission method can effectively solve the drawbacks of infrared remote control, allowing you to remotely operate the TV at various angles within the house. And it is a 360-degree operation without dead angle. The all-dimensional stereo coverage is the advantage of the 2.4G remote control, and it is also the best one in the current remote control category.

    Disadvantages: 2.4G cost is too high, electronic products are usually a penny, the same 11-key remote control, 2.4G remote control is twice as expensive as the infrared remote control. So such remotes are usually only in the high-end market.

    The third category: Bluetooth remote control

    Advantages: The advantage of the Bluetooth remote control is that it can achieve a completely independent signal transmission channel by pairing with the device. Such a link channel can avoid interference between wireless signals of different devices, but this is only a kind of 2.4GHz technology. supplement. In other words, a more perfect effect is achieved, which serves as a dual protection signal transmission.

    Disadvantages: In the case of the current use, the Bluetooth remote control also has some drawbacks. As a common example, when we use this type of remote control for the first time, we need to manually pair the remote control with the device, and device operation may occur. The situation is delayed and then needs to be refreshed. And the cost is high, these are the problems that Bluetooth needs to solve.

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