Bluetooth remote control upgrade experience

- Jun 05, 2017-

The integrated is different from the traditional black boxy TV appearance design, but adopts the colorful case design, at the scene saw the yellow, red and blue three kinds of casing design. In addition to these three colors, there are six colors of black, green and white. In the future, the six shells will be sold separately via the lenovo mall, where users can choose their own colors.

The S9's remote control is the highlight of its design. A key to this is called "touch" abandoned the previous infrared remote control mode of connection, and connected by bluetooth technology and the television, remote control and television after successful match will not be affected by pointing in the direction of any Angle can be operated on TV, for which has the function of "empty" of the rat is a very practical intelligent remote control.

A key to the remote controller adopts the "touch" design, to an American company is lenovo through separate purchase of remote control technology research and development, remote control USES the six axis of gyroscope technology, improved ease of use and improves the control precision of the cursor. Just no button design a bit radical, but lenovo smart TV product manager Liu Ran said that the remote control have been 200 testers experience, found that both the old man and the child to be able to realize the skilled operation within five minutes, so have confidence in the remote control to promote.

The S9 continues the "sandwich" menu at the operating system and application level, but now there are three interfaces to four, adding a "game" interface. Lenovo said that 2014 will be annual Android TV games, video games could usher in a new outbreak period, increase the single interface is preparing for this game, and the using high performance processors have the considerations.

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