Advice to a friend who has broken the remote control of a TV set

- May 16, 2017-

Remote bad friends can have some inspiration especially TV/AV bond broken actually very simple as long as you find your TV set bus layout and special function or function on the website for debugging as long as there will be such as my Hisense TC2975D is 1, while holding down the'S'key'F' key wickets and visual machine on the remote, appears on the screen "project -X set -X";

2, press the F key, can rotate to appear "project -1", "project -2", "project -3"".

3, press the volume to increase, reduce the key, can rotate appear "set -0", "set -1"".

4, press the'S'button on the remote control, you can quit the special function status.

Attached: function table

Item -1 set -0 to cancel maximum volume and allow automatic dial up

Item -1, set -1 to set maximum volume, forbid to search automatically

Item -2 set -0 to watch the last shutdown when you turn on the program

Item -2 set -1 boot in AV state

Item -3 setting -0 English display

Item -3 setting -1 Chinese display

Through special function settings, the following functions can be realized: maximum volume limit, forbidden / allowed automatic search memory, boot in AV status, Chinese and English character display, selection and other functions.

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